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I came to know the Lord my sophomore year of college at the University of Southern Indiana. I grew up in a home where we often went to church as a family, but I did not believe the gospel. When I entered my first year at USI any remnant of belief in “God” went out the window. As I spiraled into agnosticism a few Christian friends that I met during my first week at USI remained faithful to shine the truth of God’s Word into my life. Their faithful friendship with me was astounding, but their love for one another because of their Christian bond was so compelling. As I grew closer with them, I realized how different our lives were, and even though I knew what needed to change in my own life, I didn’t see it necessary. Over winter break of my sophomore year, I realized how necessary the life change was. During my time at home away from Christian friends I was confronted with the reality of my own sin, thus I saw my need for a savior. The humbling experience of realizing that the life change I was looking for something I could not do has impacted me and my entire life in ministry. After being saved I was made even more aware of just how good and gracious God is. Looking back on my life it is evident that the only reason I am who I am is by the grace of God, and by his grace I am still being sanctified.


I started at Westwood in February of 2020. I came to Westwood to further my development in ministry as my wife and I seek to pursue the mission field. I was connected through my good friend and elder, Jeff Knight. Jeff Knight has discipled me for nearly 2 years now. I am currently working with our college ministry. My wife, Bronwyn, and I were married in May of 2019. Neither of us our from Evansville originally, but met at USI and felt that there was no one we could leave the Tri-State and the close bonds that we had formed with brothers and sisters here. Bronwyn is finishing up a degree in Elementary Education and Special Education at USI. We enjoy being outside, eating, watching sports, and spending time with our dog Bo.


I love to read, so I’ve kept this list limited to 3 books I think every Christian should read and I’ve tagged a personal favorite at the end. The Holiness of God by R.C. Sproul was the first book I remember reading about God. This book changed and shaped my entire view of who God is and who I am before him. With the truth of this in mind it led me to a deeper worship of the holiest of holies. Holiness by J.C. Ryle is a Christian classic that should not be ignored. This book shook my foundations as to what I thought it meant to live a holy life and blessed me as I was left hungering and thirsting for holiness in my own life. The Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin shaped my entire framework for theology. This time took my love for Christ to another level as the deep truths of the Bible went from head knowledge to heart knowledge. I am a firm believer that deep theology should always lead us to deeper intimacy with Christ, and this work took me to a new depth in my walk with the Lord. The personal favorite I would throw in here is Radical by David Platt. I read this book very early on in my Christian walk and the Lord used it to shape my ensnared mindset about lost people all over the world. It was through reading this book that the Lord convicted me to devote time to the mission field to bring glory to God.

Christian Barrett - November 12, 2023

The Rule of Faith

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