The Exceptional Life

As men, wouldn’t you agree that we desire to be exceptional? When we run across an exceptional individual, we study their life for lessons that we can learn from. This would explain why there is no shortage of biographies we will read, and movies we will watch about leaders, politicians, athletes, and other great people who have overcome obstacles to leave their mark on history.
Think about it, who has inspired your life? Other than Jesus Christ, if you were to name one single person as the greatest individual in history, who would you choose? I bet if we took a poll, John the Baptist probably wouldn’t have made your top ten. But, considering what the angel Gabriel said to Jesus Christ, John should easily be a contender for the top of our list. Before John was even born, Gabriel foretold in Luke 1:15, “[John] will be great before the Lord.” Jesus later mentions in Luke 7:28, “I tell you, among those born of women none is greater than John.”
Like many individuals God chose to use, John didn’t have anything that we might consider to be the marks of an exceptional person. John had no wife, children, wealth, or the endorsement of anyone with any status. What John did have, the key to his greatness was the Holy Spirit. In John’s work and in his life, he had God’s presence and power through the Holy Spirit. This gift was promised to him even before birth from the womb of his mother (Elizabeth). The angel Gabriel foretold in Luke 1:15, “He will be filled with the Holy Spirit, even from his mother’s womb.”
How can you live an exceptional life? Look to John’s example and yield to the Lordship of the Holy Spirit and follow God’s good, acceptable, and perfect will for your life. Remember brother, the same Holy Spirit that dwelt in John dwells in you right now and He wants to lead and guide your thoughts, transform your desires, to affect your decisions. 
How can you live by the power of the Holy Spirit in this season of life? What is God’s will for you in this season of life?

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Recommended Resource

When you pray, does it ever feel like you’re saying the same old things about the same old things? 

Praying the Bible outlines an easy-to-grasp method that has the power to transform our prayer life: praying the words of Scripture. Simple, yet profound, Praying the Bible will prove invaluable as you seek to commune with your Heavenly Father in prayer each day.

This book is for any man looking to grow in their prayer life.

Bible Study Tip

The first stage in understanding the Bible is “Comprehension”. If you don’t want to write in your Bible, print out whatever passage you’re studying so you can mark up the text. Then:

  • Mark repeated words and phrasestransition wordslists, and comparisons or contrasts.
  • Are there words you need to define? Look them up in a dictionary or Hebrew or Greek Lexicon.
  • Write out the main ideas of the passage.
  • Note references to the Trinity and attributes of God.
  • In the margins, write out questions you have.

Every time you come to God’s word for study, pray! We need the Holy Spirit’s help to understand the scriptures and rightly apply them to our lives.

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